550 Solid United Newspaper Gun - (Patent Number - 2020904316)


The very FIRST revolutionary single-piece speargun, introducing the 550 Solid United Newspaper Gun!

This worldwide game-changer includes a standard REDY GO 6 in 1 Speargun head, initiating a variety of configurations that any level spearo can use! This lightweight and patent design reinforces greater manoeuvrability and longevity, considering there are no separate parts to the speargun.

The ‘single piece’ indicates the head, handle and barrel of the speargun are considered one piece, engineered with advanced polymers at the Huntmaster factory.

Key Product Features:

  • Includes a standard REDY GO 5 in 1 speargun head
  • First revolutionary single piece speargun
  • Lightweight and greater manoeuvrability

(Patent Number - 2020904316)