Anti-Fog Gel and Mask Cleaner - 60ml


Anti-Fog Gel and Mask Cleaner 60ml

The HUNTMASTER Dive Mask Anti-Fog Gel has been innovatively designed to ensure optimum comfort and vision in the water for the diver. The mask cleaner is a must in every scuba or free diver’s bag. Many divers will know the irritation caused by dirty or fogged lenses, our design team have ensured that the materials used do not harm the surrounding parts of the mask like the rubber or silicone edges.

Key Product Features:

The HUNTMASTER (HM) team has worked extensively to provide the ultimate Dive Mask Anti-Fog Gel and Mask Cleaner. Carefully crafted with the following design features;

  • Scientific compounds used to ensure greater clarity
  • These compounds also keep mask lenses from fogging
  • Easy to use by rubbing or spraying on lenses and lightly rinsing with water
  • Generous 60ml bottle that will last a long time as only a few sprays or drops are needed per dive.

Note: Keep away from children and avoid placing in direct sunlight. Do not apply to eyes. If solution makes contact with eyes, rinse with water.