Armoured Speargun Bag - Red Camo


Armoured Travel Bag - Red Camo

When you’ve spent the time, money and effort on a big overseas trip the last thing you need is your spear gear getting damaged or stolen en route.

To prevent this we’ve invented the world-first armoured travel bag. This bag is not only padded but also lined with thin, light composite armour plating that’s strong enough and rigid enough to protect your dive gear from careless baggage handlers, boaties and the unexpected.

Lockable Zip: It has a lockable zip that protects the contents of your bag from thieves and the curious and with its fold away, and flat pack design, the armoured travel bag can also be put away at the back of a wardrobe, behind the rear seats of a ute or under your bed with ease.

Capacity: Capable of holding an entire travel kit of 1 blue water cannon, 1 reel gun, wetsuit, spare spears (2 integrated spear pouches), floatline, and float (non-rigid), you’ll be blown away by how much this bag can hold and protect. Made from durable PVC and reinforced with polyester and with dual handles in tough nylon webbing with a comfortable rubber grip, you can drag the HUNTMASTER armoured travel bag through the airport, up the road or down the beach……. And back again.

Key Product Features

  • Huge capacity can safely hold 3 reel guns or your Blue Water cannon and a reel gun
  • Amour plated with rigid yet light composite plating
  • Lockable Zip
  • Durable reinforced PVC material made to last
  • Ergonomic grab handle for long hauls
  • Available in Huntmaster Camo Colours (Red, Green, Blue, Blaze and Pink)


Large: 205cm x 30cm

Small: 213cm x 20cm