Artillery Diving Bag - Blue Camo


The perfect diving bag has arrived!!

Introducing our HuntMaster Artillery Backpack!

Designed and crafted with a spearo’s eye for detail, our Artillery bag encapsulates all the features any spearo or divider is looking for!

Our Artillery bag offers two generous compartments, to separate and organize your spearing and diving gear. Sufficient storage space is provided to fit all your clothing, wetsuits and even your fins!

Our Artillery backpacks feature a netted pocket at the very front of the bag, to place any belongings for easy access. Velcro straps can be found on either side of the bag, to wrap and secure around your spearguns when travelling.

To ensure rigid and sturdy security on your gear, backpack straps are designed to carry on your back when transporting to your diving location. In addition, three pairs of fork clips are located on either side of the bag, ready to clip around your torso when travelling.

If you’re not keen on carrying your gear on your back, we’ve incorporated a rigid handle on the side of your bag for easy carry.

Our Artillery backpacks are designed in 3 different sizes!

Medium: 110cm x 30cm

Large: 120cm x 30cm

Extra large: 125cm x 30cm

Key features:

  • Two generously sized compartments
  • Velcro straps around the side of the bag for spearguns
  • Netted mesh compartment at the front of the backpack
  • Adjustable fork clips at the back of the bag for security
  • Available in all Camo colours (Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Blaze), Grey Camo and plain grey!