Burley Diving Silicone Weight Belt - Green


Burley Diving Silicone Weight Belt – Multiple Colours

Made from supple, stretchy and durable silicone the HUNTMASTER Burley Belt is a unique weight belt designed based on over 30 years of diving experience.


The Burley Belt is ribbed on the inside of the belt to stop weights from moving whilst diving. The correct and precise placement of weights helps with the pitch and roll of the hunter whilst diving and whilst at the surface. This world first avoids the need for cumbersome D rings to lock weights in place and works with a broad selection and styles of weights.

Integrated D-Ring:

The addition of an integrated clip on the belt means that when you need both hands to burley, you can simply clip your shark clip directly to your belt, allowing you to freely use both hands and still be able to get to your gun.

No more burleying off the back of the boat, or clipping off onto a float or even worse, holding onto your gun between your knees. There is no need for an additional D-ring on your belt which leaves you freed up for a belt reel and/or dive knife. There’s nothing worse than clutter on your belt.

Unique Colours:

Available in 7 colours, 5 colours that match the Harbinger camo pattern (red, blue, blaze, green and pink) as well as black and finally white.

Length of the Belt:

At 160cm the Burley belt can accommodate divers that fit our XXXL suits and can easily be trimmed to suit your size with a pair of heavy-duty scissors. This is suggested so as to avoid a long tagline which will make fast removal of a weight belt problematic.

Silicone V Rubber:

High grade silicone is resistant to U.V rays and saltwater and is more elastic than rubber. This means that it offers a tighter, closer fit that will expand and retract as your body shrinks and expands at various depths. The Burley Belt will move as you move.

Safety Features:

Our Burley Weight Belts are specifically designed to keep you safe underwater. Our belt buckle is designed and engineered to ensure that when you need to release your belt quickly, it will not automatically clip back. Please see our attached video to see this safety feature in action.

Key Product Features:

  • Silicone material - resistant to U.V, saltwater and more supple than rubber
  • Ribbed design avoids weights from slipping and moving
  • Integrated D ring allows you to clip your gun directly to belt
  • 160cm long to accommodate larger divers, easily trimmed to size
  • Unique safety buckle release