Harbinger Camo Diving Mask and Snorkel Set - Red Camo


Harbinger Camo Diving Mask and Snorkel Set with Matching Camo Container 

Definition of Harbinger: A person or thing that foreshadows what is to come.

With matching camo colors and print that seamlessly blends in with your Huntsman or Huntress Wetsuit, the Harbinger Mask really is a sign of change and of more to come! We have spent many long months perfecting the printing techniques of the hypoallergenic skirt so as not to interfere with the qualities we have all come to expect from a modern high-end mask.

Our Unique Camo Design (Harbinger):

“Be seen when you want, disappear when it counts!!”

Our various camo colours suit all habitats. Blaze for rocky structure, Blue for pelagic species in open water, Green for grassy and weedy habitats and then Red or Pink for the reef. The Harbinger CAMO Mask matches with the Camo Snorkel, Huntsman and Huntress camo range and WIGUN Series of guns. 

Matching Coloured Lenses:

Our HUNTMASTER (HM) Team have married up each of the 5 camo colours with matching tinted and reflective lenses:

  1. Blaze with gold,
  2. Red with crimson,
  3. Blue with aqua,
  4. Green with olive
  5. Pink with rose (Huntress Range)

These tinted and reflective lenses are great for closing the last vital distances required on many flighty species such as snapper and Mu and can restore more clarity and sharpness to what, would otherwise be murky waters, much as an amber lens mask would.

Matching Mask Camo Containers:

A very handy way to store your smaller items whilst on a boat and pack away your mask when you’re done diving.

Some of the benefits of using this container include:

-Avoiding nasty scratches or damages to the mask

-Protecting the mask from direct UV sunrays that can damage the silicone skirts. This occurs a lot after a dive, where we tend to throw our mask on the boat deck leaving it exposed to the sun for hours on end

-Great way to store your Huntmaster Anti Fog Gel or Spray and not lose them!

Our Flagship Mask:

The Harbinger mask is our flagship mask that’s not only the forbearer of things to come, but also foreshadows your prey’s final moments as you close the gap.

Key Product Features:

  • Hypoallergenic liquid seal skirt for a comfortable fit on a variety of face shapes
  • Harbinger camo design in 5 colours (Red, Blue, Blaze, Green and Pink)
  • Tinted and reflective lenses in matching colours
  • Great field of vision
  • Matching camo containers

Camo Series Diving Snorkel

The HUNTMASTER camo snorkel has been developed specifically for spearfishing and freediving. Combining both soft and hard TPR, the air tube offers tremendous advantages including flexibility and comfort. The hydrodynamic design of the snorkel wraps around the face of the diver, reducing drag in the water and providing greater control.

Construction: The air tube has a diameter of 20mm giving the diver optimum airflow throughout the dive. This will improve diving efficiency and assist with deeper breathing and diving. 

Our Unique Camo Design (Harbinger):

Our various camo designs suit all habitats. Blaze for rocky structure, Blue for pelagic species in open water, Green for grassy and weedy habitats and then Red or Pink for the reef. The HUNTMASTER camo snorkel matches with the Harbinger camo mask Huntsman and Huntress camo range and WIGUN series of guns. 

Materials: The tube of the camo snorkel is made from a polymer material which allows the snorkel to bend against water pressure, kelp and other objects and then spring back into its original position. The mouthpiece is made from black hypoallergenic silicone that maximizes comfort even after prolonged use.

*This is not a roll up snorkel, for roll up snorkel see our WIRAMBI (bat) series package

Key Product Features:

  • Polymer construction allows the snorkel to bend while diving
  • Combines both soft and hard TPR, with the advantage of both rigidity and flexibility where needed
  • Water can be expelled easily from the air tube
  • Thick 20mm air tube creates optimum airflow
  • Ergonomically designed to fit to the face line
  • Hypoallergenic mouth piece
  • Available in 5 colours (Red, Blue, Blaze, Green and Pink) and is part of the HARBINGER camo design range.

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28 January 2020



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