Kids Wetsuit Camo Series - Blue


Kids Wetsuit Camo Series - Blue (2mm)

Don’t let your little one’s miss out on all the fun!

Introducing our Huntmaster Kids Wetsuits/ Steamers!

Our 2mm mini-camo Huntmaster one-piece wetsuits are the perfect fit for your little ones to explore the underwater world! Our Huntmaster kids’ steamers is inclusive of top grade nylon and spandex material, to provide kids with comfort and extreme versatility in the water. No need to find a new steamer once they outgrow it, it’s flexibility will grow alongside your child’s growth spurt.

We’ve designed our steamers as effortless and straightforward for our mini-Huntmaster to wear in the water! We know kids can be picky with nearly everything; fruits, clothes, wetsuits etc. That’s why we’ve minimised the fussy and nit-picky aspects from our HM wetsuits by making it an easy one piece steamer. Warranting high security and comfort, our 2mm steamers include a back zipper enclosed with a secure Velcro strap covering the tip of the zipper.

We don’t want any accidents occurring from a stuck zipper!

Manufactured with advanced super stretch material of spandex blend, we can promise your child won’t have wears and tears, unlike other steamers. With bind-stitching, our wetsuit steamers will create lasting durability for your kids, increasing their performance in the water!

At Huntmaster, we believe in safety first. In saying this, our steamers encompass knee pads, shoulder pads and chest pads, for those ‘just in case’ moments near the rocks and coral.

What’s even better? Our steamers come in an impressive blue camo design, perfect for both boys and girls!