'Compact' Invert Roller Head (Patent Number - 2020904317 & 202016349)


Known as ‘one of the smallest invert roller heads on the market’, the Huntmaster Compact Invert Roller Head will turn your spearfishing dreams into a reality!

The unique compact roller head design is manufactured with marine grade heavy-duty advanced polymer with additive fibres. The Compact Invert Roller Head is designed with mini rollers, allowing for effortless reloading when spearing underwater. Its interchangeable adaptors come at a significant advantage, as they will adjust to fit right into any speargun on the market. The Compact Invert roller head comes with several other advantages, such as an integrated loading hook for your muzzle bungee and reel line, as well as marine grade stainless steel for all metal parts used.

Its clear line of sight is desirable for all spearos, as there is a limited obstruction when aiming for your target fish. It has incredible power and accuracy compared to regular open heads on the market, with absolute zero recoil at the handle and little friction when spearing.

Advantages of using MINI ROLLERS on an invert roller include:

  • Less friction
  • Higher speed in comparison to normal roller heads on the market
  • More power and accuracy in comparison to a conventional open head design
  • Minimal to zero recoil at the handle meaning you can boost multiple rubbers without feeling the nasty kick back in your hand

Key Product Features:

  • Manufactured with heavy duty advanced polymer
  • Effortless reloading when underwater
  • Interchangeable adaptors
  • Integrated loading hook
  • Compact design with MINI Rollers
  • Marine grade stainless steel and Brass for all metal parts used

(Patent Number - 2020904317 & 202016349)