Hooded Spearfishing Rashguard Top and Long John Pants With Chest Pad Combo - Unisex - Blaze Camo


Hooded Spearfishing Rashguard Top and Long John Pants With Chest Pad Combo - Men's - Blaze Camo

There’s nothing worse than heading out in the tropics for a quick spear, getting carried away and coming back with more than just fish! Sunburn can ruin your entire trip and the HUNTMASTER rashy is here to stop that from happening to you.

Made from a top quality blend of lycra and spandex, this rashguard has been designed with 2 purposes in mind; to wear over the top of our other wetsuits, and as a suit for the tropics. Any of the Camo colours in the Camo Hooded Rashguard can be matched to suit the ground you’re hunting. It can also be used where you need minimal thermal properties but require protection from the sun, jellyfish, coral and rocks.

Construction: Unlike inferior rashguards, the HUNTMASTER rashy is made from a superior blend of lycra and spandex, which means it offers a snug fit that will not ride up when diving and 50+ UV protection. With an integrated hood, chest loading pad and knee and elbow pads, this rashguard is made tough and made to last.

Our Unique Camo Design (Harbinger):

“Be seen when you want, disappear when it counts!”

There are 6 colours (Red, Green, Blaze, Silver, Blue and Pink), you can turn your old wetsuit into the right camo for the right habitat that you’re hunting.

Huntsman and Huntress camo suits can be transformed from a Green Water suit into a perfect blend of greens and yellows for weed-beds by simply throwing a Rashy on top of it. Great for hunters who spend time in different habitat zones. Perfect if you're planning a Green water trip overseas or interstate and want to transform a red suit into a Green suit to blend in without breaking the bank.

Key Product Features:

  • Unique camo design, available in 6 colours - Red, Green, Blaze, Silver, Blue and Pink
  • Chest loading pad
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Integrated hood
  • Lycra spandex blend with 50+ UV protection
  • Beaver tail with fasteners, not Velcro, for a more comfortable and reliable fit
  • Travel Mesh Bag