Duffle Waterproof Tactical Bag Dry - Silver Camo


Duffle Waterproof Tactical Bag

Do you struggle to carry all your diving gear at once? Well, we have the perfect bag for you!

Our Duffle bags are designed to keep your diving equipment dry and organised! Our bags feature a thick Velcro lining to secure your bag closed.

The opening of the bag can wrap inwards up to three times, to compress the space and reduce its storage. The tighter you wrap the opening, the more restrictive and guarded your equipment will be!

Two clips at the end of adjustable belts are found on either side of the bag. Alternatively, you can quickly transform your bag into a large backpack!

Adjustable fork clips are located on either side of the bag to wrap around the handle of your speargun, keeping it steady and stable when transporting your duffle bag.

Thick and durable material is devised to create a waterproof surface that blocks water from entering the duffle bag.

Our Duffle bags also feature a water outlet plug, to drain excess water from your diving equipment after use.

You can effortlessly fold your Duffle bag right back up and pack it away ready for your next adventure!


The internal capacity of our Duffle Tactical bags can hold up to 140L.

The Duffle bag is created to carry floats, flippers, wetsuits, float lines, reel guns.. you name it!


1m Length x 40cm Width x 53cm Height

Key Product Features:

- Made of thick PVC material.

- Rigid and strict Velcro strips to open and close Duffle bag

- Holds up to 140L

- Waterproof Duffle Bag with water outlet

- Two fork clips to secure your speargun handle

- Adjustable belts to change the length of the handle

- Available in plain grey and black, and HUNTMASTER camo colours to match your collection!

(Red, Blaze, Blue, Green, Grey, Silver Camo and Pink ‘Huntress’)