Dive Flag - Large - 60cm x 50cm


Dive Flag - Large (60cm x 50cm)

The Huntmaster Dive Flag is an absolute requirement to have for any spearo/diver to guarantee your safety in/on the water. The flag can be attached to your flagpole on your Boat/float/buoy and gives extra perceivability to the Boat/float/buoy and thus your area in/on the water.

At an astounding 60cm x 50cm, it's quite difficult to miss! Boats, vessels and divers around you will at that point know about your physical presence in the water, and also your fellow spearos and divers, so they can watch out for where you are. The banner is expected to last, being developed from a strong PVC material impervious to wear from destructive salt water and from UV beams. Simple to mount and basic to utilize, it's unquestionably worth the speculation.

This dive flag is a legal requirement across many countries around the world. Ensure you check your local legal requirements before going out for a dive!

Key Product Features:

  • The most important safety feature for every diver and spearo
  • Built from intense tough PVC
  • Rough, simple to mount and stays visible in all conditions
  • Large Visible Dimensions - 60cm x 50cm