Duffle Bag PVC Float - Red


After a float that sits snug in your Huntmaster Duffle bag? Meet our Huntmaster Bag Float!


Our HuntMaster bag float is specifically designed to keep the structure of your bag intact and composed. Our bag floats come in one size only and is custom-designed to fit straight into your HuntMaster duffle bag. 


Nothing is worse than broken fins after a long trip! We hear you..


That’s why our Bag Float will keep the structure and composure of your Duffle bag, allowing your fins and other spearing/ diving equipment to be placed neatly on top. After filling up the Duffle bag, your equipment will be protected and unharmed from any rough handling. This will guarantee your gear and fins to remain in one piece and undamaged after long and exhausting trips.


Our aerodynamically engineered and handcrafted bag float is guaranteed to lessen the drag in the water. The new technology will also reinforce reducing exertion from dragging heavy floats and improving overall dive time.


The HM bag float can be used when spearfishing, to catch those trophy fish!


Your float-line can easily attach to your float line with our 6 D-rings attached to float. With two heavy-duty handles parallel from each other, our bag floats offer easy transportation from land to sea.


Offered in unique Red high-viz colour for safety purposes, ensuring divers are noticed by boats and other surrounding divers. It even matches your Red Camo collection!


Size dimensions: 40cm x 17.5cm x 4cm

Weight: 2.3kg


Key Product Features:

-      Specific style and construction to fit into your HuntMaster Duffle Bag

-      6 D-rings to hook your float line when spearfishing

-      Two heavy-duty handles for easy transportation

-      Comes in one colour – Red