Dyneema Stiff Rigging and Shooting Line - 2.0mm - Blaze


Dyneema Stiff Rigging and Shooting Line - 50m (2.0mm)

HUNTMASTER has shown true innovation with introducing revolutionary options to spearos around the world. The HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing Line is another testimony to this, changing the way spearguns are used. This shooting line and line for reels has the highest breaking strain, varying from 350kgs up to 600kgs.

The HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line is more than ten times stronger than the steel line per unit of weight. This means that the Dyneema line has a slightly higher strength than a steel wire of the same dimension – but less than one tenth of the weight, giving it multiple advantages over existing lines used. This will improve shooting speed dramatically and give a powerful advantage of many other lines used like a steel line or plastic monofilament line.

Another advantage is its tear capacity and overall tensile strength especially when targeting game fish that can easily cut shooting line. The HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line can sustain a large number of peak loads (loads close to the breaking strength). While steel-wire can take 6500 loads at 50% of the maximum breaking load, the HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line can take 10 million cycles at the same load level.


HUNTMASTER has worked extensively with engineers and passionate spearos to provide the ultimate Spearfishing Dyneema Shooting and Reel Line. HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing shooting and reel line have been carefully crafted with the following design features;

  • Safety - HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line has a very low elongation (2-3% at break). It stores little energy with little backlash – even at hundreds of tonnes. This is a very important safety-feature.
  • UV Stability - HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line has better resistance to sunlight than other relevant fibres. After two years of constant exposure, 80% of the strength is retained.
  • Abrasion - HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line has an excellent abrasion resistance compared with other synthetic fibres (five times better than polyester). Special care has to be taken however, to ensure that it moves over clean, non abrasive, non-rusty surfaces etc.
  • Construction - HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line is constructed using two layers. The inner core is wrapped with a stiff sleeve to ensure minimal tangles, knots and ultimate strength.
  • Speargun/reels assembly - HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line can be easily used with crimps or conventional knots for rigging of shafts for guns or reels.

Why should I use HUNTMASTER Dyneema Spearfishing line?

A spearo has many options to choose from when using shooting line. The reasons why the
HUNTMASTER Dyneema line should be used for shooting or reels include:
1. Its overall strength and breaking capacity being the strongest in the world
2. Its weight advantage over other lines gives it greater shooting speed underwater
3. Greater strength and less chance of breakage on reefs from strong fish like Dog Tooth Tuna.


1.4mm – B.L (350kgs, 770lb)
1.7mm– B.L (430kgs, 946lb)
2mm – B.L (500kgs, 1100lb)
2.5mm – B.L (700kgs, 1564lb)

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28 January 2020



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