Essential Diving Bag - Grey


Need a bag convenient to fit all your diving gear? Meet our Huntmaster Essential Diving bag!

Our Essential diving bag is designed to accommodate all your spearing and diving gear - from masks & snorkels to fins and float lines!

With a simple zipper running across the opening of the bag, your gear is guaranteed to be secure and safe while you’re in the ocean. Our Essential diving bags are engineered with thick and durable PVC material, to ensure a rigid and stern structure and no breakages or tears. Its water-repellent outer fabric will ensure no water will enter the bag, keeping your ‘essentials’ dry and safe.

It carries effortlessly with two mesh handles on either side to allow for easy transport and is equipped with a thick padded strap.

An external side sleeve pocket is also incorporated to hold those small and important belongings for easy access.

What’s even better? Our Essential diving bags come in 3 different sizes!

Small: 30cm x 30cm x 100cm

Medium: 30cm x 30cm x 105cm

Large: 30cm x 30cm 110cm

Key features:

· One simple zipper for opening and closing of the bag

· Two mesh handles for easy transport supported with a thick strap

· Designed with thick and durable PVC material

· Slide-in pocket for easy access

· Available in 5 Camo Colours (Blaze, Blue, Green, Pink & Red), Grey and Black!