Floatline Bungee - 3m


Floatline Bungee - 3m

Huntmaster has incorporated state of the art flexibility, endurance and durability into its very own Float Bungee. Designed to meet Australia’s harsh conditions, these bungees possess the strength and flexibility to improve your chances of landing those dream fish. They are also UV and Solvent Resistant further enhancing its durability in all types of conditions.

Why Floatline Bungee?

When targeting big game fish, there may be too much tension on your floatline. This is why it's best to connect a Huntmaster Floatline Bungee between your floatline, and float that helps reduce pressure off the speargun shafts and hence leaving enough flesh on your trophy fish and bring it up safely!!

Key Product Features:

-3m Bungee that stretches close to 9.5m

-Available in black and coming soon (Blue, Red, Green, Blaze and Grey)

-UV and solvent resistant giving it a much longer fighting life