Heavy Duty Rotary Swivel - Invert Roller Rigging


The Huntmaster Heavy Duty Rotary Swivel encapsulates futuristic features, and never seen before strengths in the spearfishing industry. Its characteristics include a revolutionary rotary heavy duty swivel, with an additional roller and bushes.

Designed and developed by our very own in-house engineer, the first-time manufactured piece is specifically designed for invert roller head setups and upgrades for all spearguns.

It involves added side dampers, to prevent scratching your barrel and defects to your speargun. Mass-produced with top quality marine grade alloy, we tested it’s strength under extreme loads.

Placed in the most strenuous situations with real time results, the Heavy-Duty Rotary Swivel is guaranteed to hold up to 20 speargun rubbers in one speargun configuration.

Key Product Features:

  • Side dampers to prevent scratching
  • Mass produced
  • Heavy duty Rotary Swivel
  • Hold up to 20 speargun rubbers