HM/AUF Memorial Spearfishing Challenge and Port Stephens Big Fish Comp.

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  • A spearfishing competition held predominantly from competitors’ boats over one day, with a second day allocated for BBQ, Sponsor Recognition and Presentation of Prizes.
  • Rockhoppers are welcome but there is no seperate category for Rockhopping
  • The weather/water/safety conditions will be monitored in the weeks and days leading up to the event so competitors and spectators receive an early notification and can be advised in the event of cancellation/rescheduling
  • Event comprises of 2 Competitions:
    • The annual Big Fish Comp
    • New Memorial Challenge Comp
  • The Challenge section allows 15 selected fish only to be eligible for weigh in. The 15 are comprised of 12 shown as asterisk (*) on the scoresheet plus and 3 from the non-asterisk also included on the scoresheet
  • Minimum Weights and Lengths are shown on the scoresheet.
  • The largest fish you weigh in will go into the Big Fish Selection Prize Pool and will also be included in scorning for the 15 Fish Event which will include your total catch in the Open and Age categories section, which is scored under the 100 points per species plus 10 points per kg (Maximum points for any one fish is 250 - 15kg size limit) Please see scoresheet for more information.

Time and Date

  • TBA due to Coronavirus


  • Sign on and weigh in will take place at Little Beach/Halifax at a roped area on the grass above the beach, to the left of the boat ramp. We expect to have a marquee and some signage installed.


  • Financial AUF Members over 18 years old: $30
  • Financial AUF Members under 18 years old: $20
  • Non-Financial AUF Members over 18 years old: $80
  • Non-Financial AUF Members under 18 years old: $40
  • NOTE: This fee includes membership until 30th June 2020 and access to Bluewater Classic at Coffs Harbour, Southern Zone Champs, Far Southern Zone CHamps, Eden Challenge and Australian Pacific Coast Spearfishing Champs at Port Stephens. All Great events to come. See calendar of events at “Spearfishing NSW AUF” Facebook.

-Females may only enter the open as one category, either Females(regardless of age) or their actual age group and compete against all genders in that group.

-Females grouped together with Juniors and Sub Juniors in the big fish prize pool shown below on the event flier are to be either of these two age categories. Only persons under 18 are included in that section of the big fish prize pool.

-Only one fish from the female (1,2,3 place) Jnr, Sub Jnr big fish prize pool can win more than one prize in the open (1-6 places) big fish open category prize pool if it is the largest fish speared by anyone in the event. (The largest fish in the event can win two cash prizes only in these circumstances.)

-Your age on day one of the event determines your age group.

-Sub juniors must be accompanied by a person 18 years or over. Under the firearms regulations nsw a person under 13 years can use a hand spear but not a speargun.

-For all age groupings please see the competition entry form.

-The score sheet notes describes what species are eligible.

-Boat operators can launch  anywhere within the Port Stephens area however one person should remain in the boat when in the Little Bay/Halifax sign on/ weigh in area and keep clear of the beach and bathing areas. Care must be taken to preserve the areas and sea grasses.

-Competitors may compete from boats or off the rocks but must not dive alone without another persons company and  knowledge of your location. There is no rock hopping section in this event.

-Competitors must not spear any fish within 50klms of the control centre in the 24 hours preceding the competition.

-Marine park rules to be observed at all times, no fishing is permitted in Cabbage Tree Island habitat protection zone, rubbish associated with competitors activities must be removed from the environment.

-All fish to be despatched humanely, iced down and remain iced to the weigh in.

-Berleying is permitted using any legal finned fish obtained by spear during the hours of the competition. Size and bag limits would apply.

-Current NSW recreational fishing licenses must be available for inspection at sign on for all persons other than pensioners and under 18years.

-Only one of each eligible species to be presented at weigh in.

-Starting and finishing times will be  according to network time.

-Competitors should obtain and familiarise themselves with “ The Recreational Fishing Guide- Port Stephens/Great Lakes Marine Park”

-Capture of fish should be in accordance with AUF “ASect” rules dec 10 2018. as applicable.

(Go to AUF Spearfishing Website.)

-Boat owners/operators must ensure their vessel and driver comply with current NSW Maritime requirements in all aspects including Alpha dive flag used whenever divers are in the water.

-Boat/PWC owners must have current “comprehensive” or “3rd party only insurance” for their vessel.


-See AUF Spearfishing website for “ASect” rules 2.1 as appropriate for this event.

-When in the water all competitors must have at least one well secured knife, mask with snorkel attached, quick release weight belt, attached float line and complying float with alpha flag erect and in good condition, other equipment in good condition as necessary.

-Competitors to ensure they have a quick method of getting attention in an emergency.

-Competitors guns must not be in a loaded condition out of the water and should never be pointed at any person.

-Competitors must ensure that spear tips are sheathed or removed when not in use and must also take necessary precautions to protect other persons from harm which could be caused by Spearfishing equipment.

-Competitors and crew are prohibited from being under the influence of illegal or unprescribed drugs and alcohol whilst participating in an event.


-Protests must be lodged to the competition Committee as soon as possible after the occurrence of an instance to be protested. Protest evidence must be factually correct and submitted in detail.


-Protests or disputes will be dealt with by a protest committee comprised of a maximum of 5 persons representing a minimum of 3 clubs nominated by the competition Committee.


-The competition Committee for this event is:- Paul Marshall, Jarrad Phelps, Tyler Drake, Olly Wady, Joe Martindale.


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