Kingfish Diving Snorkel – Barung


Kingfish Diving Snorkel – Barung

The HUNTMASTER Kingfish (Barung) diving snorkel has been developed specifically for spearfishing and freediving. The air tube combines both soft and hard TPR offering tremendous advantages, including flexibility and comfort. The hydrodynamic design of the snorkel wraps around the face of the diver, reducing drag in the water and providing greater control.

The air tube has a diameter of 20mm giving the diver optimum airflow throughout their dive. This will improve diving efficiency and assist with deeper breathing and diving. The snorkel matches well with the HUNTMASTER Bat (Wirambi), Black Bream (Garuma), Black Fish (Magura) and Red Emperor diving masks.

Construction: The tube of the Kingfish (Barung) Snorkel is made from the same polymer material as our Camo snorkels which allows the snorkel to bend against water pressure, kelp and other objects and then spring back into its original position. The mouthpiece is made from black hypoallergenic silicone that maximizes comfort even after prolonged use.

*This is not a roll up snorkel, for roll up snorkel see our Bat (Wirambi) package

Key Product Features:

  • Polymer construction allows the snorkel to bend while diving
  • Combines both soft and hard TPR, with the advantage of both rigidity and flexibility
  • Water can be expelled easily from the air tube
  • Thick 20mm air tube creates optimum airflow
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the face line
  • Hypoallergenic mouthpiece