Multi Functional '9 in 1' Double Roller Extended Power Head - Single 'Small' Roller Configuration - 'Carbon Side Guards' (Patent Number - 2020904316)


The Huntmaster Revolutionary Multi Functional ‘DOUBLE’ roller powerhead is one not to miss!

The Ergonomic head, inclusive of 9 different configurations, is crafted by the most innovative and inventive team of spearos. With marine grade heavy-duty advanced polymers, the Revolutionary multifunctional roller head incorporates marine grade stainless steel and brass for all metal parts.

Its interchangeable adaptors grant a feature that allows this head to fit into hundreds of other spearguns on the market. With an integrated loading hook, the Revolutionary Multifunctional roller head allows both your muzzle bungee and reel line to be adjusted before spearfishing. The Revolutionary roller head is significantly lightweight, drastically decreasing the capacity of your speargun overall.

Encompassing more power than ever before, our Single roller heads do not compare to regular conventional open head designs on the market. Our Roller heads produce more power due to the restricted friction caused by the rubber, ensuring there is zero friction when producing power. In saying this, our spearguns allow spearos the opportunity to add on multiple rubbers onto the one speargun to optimise their power without feeling any nasty kickback.

Advantages of using the ‘Single Small Roller’ Configuration include:

-Simple to load and shoot

-More power and accuracy in comparison to a conventional open head design

-Roller heads produce more power due to less friction on the rubber

-Our Roller heads produce more power due to less friction on the rubber. We have designed an additional roller on the rubber guard/stopper to make sure there is zero to minimal friction producing even greater power

-Minimal to zero recoil at the handle meaning you can boost multiple rubbers without feeling the nasty kick back in your hand

-Roller heads produce more power than conventional open heads, meaning you can use a more compact speargun

Key product features:

  • Ergonomic head with 9 configurations
  • Marine Grade heavy duty advanced polymers
  • Interchangeable adapters
  • Integrated loading hook
  • Simple loading method for all spearos

(Patent Number - 2020904316)