Oarfish Diving Snorkel – Black and Red


Oarfish Diving Snorkel – Black and Red

The HUNTMASTER Oarfish diving snorkel has been developed by HUNTMASTER engineers and passionate spearos, specifically for spearfishing and freediving. The integrated design increases rigidity in the snorkel and reduces moving parts.

Combining both soft and hard TPR, for both the mouthpiece and air tube, the Oarfish offers flexibility and comfort. The aerodynamic design of the snorkel wraps around the face of the diver, reducing drag in the water and providing greater control for the diver.

  • Integrated design with optimum rigidity and minimal moving parts
  • Combined soft and hard TPR, with the advantage of both rigidity and flexibility
  • Water can be expelled easily from the air tube
  • Thick 20mm air tube creates optimum airflow
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the face line
  • Perfect for freediving and spearfishing