Scout Diving Weight Belt - Black


Scout Diving Weight Belt – Black

Made from rubber, the Scout is a perfect diving weight belt. Divers will benefit from a much more comfortable experience over the traditional webbing belt.

Why use Rubber and not a Webbing belt?

Rubber stretches and when you dive, even at shallow depths, your wetsuit compresses and at greater depths so do our bodies.

The Scout belt will remain snug on your body as you dive and return to its original shape and size at the surface. We suggest you always use a rubber or silicone belt instead of a webbing belt, and we offer the Scout belt for people on a budget but still want to enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free diving experience.

Roller Buckle:

With a roller buckle, the Scout diving belt will release freely and quickly every time, so you can rest assured that your comfort is not compromising your safety!

Key Product Features:

  • Rubber material that stretches and remains snug on your body while diving
  • No more moving and slipping weights
  • Quick release roller buckle