Scout Single Lens Diving Mask - Black and Red


Scout Single Lens Diving Mask – (Black and Red)

The HUNTMASTER Scout Single Lens Diving Mask has been innovatively designed to ensure optimum comfort for the diver. The single lens mask provides increased vision, widened by over 30% more than dual lens masks. This mask is ideal for underwater hunting and spearfishing.

The silicone skirt and design has proven to assist with creating a strong seal for a variety of faces and those with facial hair. In the same way a peaked cap provides better vision to a golfer, so the black silicone skirt stops any peripheral sunlight causing glare. The buckles located on the silicone skirt are easily adjustable, making the mask sturdy under turbulent conditions and during a dive, providing greater comfort for the diver.

The sleek design and cosmetic advantages make this mask a must have for every spearo.

This mask is also very popular with SCUBA divers thanks to its versatility in conforming to a wide range of face types and low volume when compared to other single lens masks.

Key Product Features:

The HUNTMASTER (HM) have worked extensively to provide the ultimate spearfishing mask. HUNTMASTER masks have been carefully crafted with the following design features;

  • Extreme comfort through silicone skirt
  • Versatile - fits a wide range of face shapes
  • Easily adjustable buckles located on silicone skirt as close to the mask as possible
  • Soft black silicone skirt deflects glare
  • Very wide field of vision thanks to the oversized single lens