Scout Beginners Package

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Scout Beginners Package

Maybe you are just starting out on your adventure in the world of spearfishing, maybe you don’t dive often enough to justify spending big bucks on a set up, maybe you dive particularly harsh conditions and your wetsuits get torn and punctured regularly, or maybe you just don’t have the budget? There are plenty of reasons to opt for a cheaper suit.

The HUNTMASTER Scout package is an affordable package aimed at getting you in the water immediately. The HUNTMASTER Scout package is made up of;

  1. A 3mm full camo open cell wetsuit, in farmer John style, with knee, elbow and loading pads
  2. A matching pair of socks in 1.5mm to 3mm
  3. A matching camo weight vest
  4. A pair of HUNTMASTER Tuff cut 5 gloves
  5. Scout single lens mask
  6. Oarfish snorkel
  7. Scout float
  8. A pair of Scout fins

The fish won’t see you in your Scout suit, but the HUNTMASTER Scout mask with its huge field of vision and low volume is going to help you see them.  The Oarfish snorkel is a reliable hassle free snorkel that will serve you well dive after dive.

The final inclusion in this package are the Scout fins, these thermo plastic fins are durable, full length freedive fins, great to get you under the water and into the action fast. Great for rock hopping and easy to remove.

Key Product Features:

  • 3mm open cell farmer John wetsuit
  • Full green camo, very versatile design for a variety of habitats
  • Integrated hood, elbow and knee pads as well as a chest loading pad
  • Matching socks and weight vest
  • Complimentary Tuff gloves
  • Includes the Scout single lens mask and Oarfish snorkel
  • Scout float and fins included

Total RRP ($405)

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    28 January 2020



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