Speargun Head - Open Head Muzzle


Speargun Head - Open Head Muzzle

Huntmaster brings to life full pretension capability, increased lateral agility and high precision engineering all in one Speargun Open Head Muzzle. Being designed and implemented using state of the art technology, the Open Head Muzzle provides 100% pretension with no arch deformation, whilst maintaining its high durability, endurance and low friction body.

The Huntmaster Speargun Open Head Muzzle fits rubber for all dimensions and sizes and can be fitted onto almost every conventional speargun on the market and is paired up best with Huntmaster’s Conventional Wigun that comes in your favourite camo designs and Tasman setup.

Product Features:

  • High precision engineered to strict specifications
  • Metal parts made of inox steel type 316L marine
  • 100% pretension with no arch deformation
  • Fits rubber for all diameters and sizes
  • Real-time tested
  • Fits Different type barrels for almost every conventional speargun in the market