Speargun Muzzle Bungee - Pig Tail Swivel - Heavy Duty


Speargun Muzzle Bungee with stainless steel pigtail swivel – Heavy Duty

Why Speargun Muzzle Bungee?

The key reason why muzzle bungees are used is to keep your shooting line at an optimal tension and reduce it coming off your speargun. When shooting or firing your shaft, the bungee also acts as an absorbent of force that reduces impact on your speargun and parts.

When you also target big fish, the muzzle bungee reduces tension on the shaft meaning this will reduce the fish not being be torn away by its soft flesh.

The internal 2mm dyneema line gives it over 500-600kg breaking strength.

Silicone Vs Latex

Silicone gives numerous advantages over the traditional latex tubing, meaning it will last you much longer and reduce the issues of melting under excessive heats or when leaving out on the deck of boats and under the sun

Key Product Features:

-Silicone Tubing

-Heavy Duty Pig Tail swivel for targeting trophy fish

-Coming soon matching colours (Blaze, Red, Blue, Green and Pink)

-2mm dyneema line gives it over 500-600kg breaking strength