Tasman Aluminium Open Head Speargun - White Handle - 55cm - 120cm


Tasman Aluminium Open Head Speargun - (55cm - 120cm)

The Tasman Sea is a marginal sea of the South Pacific Ocean that separates Australia and New Zealand. A sea where only the resilient survive and only strong thrive. We have created a speargun that is as reliable, simple, efficient and ready to work.

The Tasman range is an affordable, yet heavy-duty setup, that can be relied upon over and over again to perform accurately and predictably.

The Standard set up for the Tasman is 130cm band stretch, using a 120cm black ceramic coated barrel with a 7.5mm shaft and 18mm ATTACK microbore attack rubber (equivalent to a 20mm standard rubber). Quick to reload, simple to rig, effective and powerful enough to drop the majority of fish you’ll encounter on a shore dive anywhere in the world.

A full-length rail runs directly from the full mechanism all the way along with the handle, barrel and head. No more unsightly joints between handle and barrel or barrel and head, allowing the spear to travel unimpeded from start to finish.

The simple open head muzzle is designed to be used by either left or right-handers and can hold up to 3x16mm bands. The integrated line guides make for a quick and simple loading experience, putting you back in action and onto your target as quickly as possible.

Being affordable doesn’t mean that we have compromised on quality! The Tasman range still uses the same 100% stainless steel mechanism, with no plastic parts. It still uses the same HUNTMASTER handle which can be used for a variety of configurations, such as roller, pulley or conventional. The handle sports a soft rubberized grey grip, the Huntmaster simple open head and attack rubber are also standard features.

Instead of our Harbinger camo pattern barrel with clear polyurethane protective coating,the Tasman range features a 75cm-120cm black ceramic coated aluminium barrel. The Tasman is available in a black and grey colour scheme with an option of either:

-White Handle – (black attack rubber, grey handle grip with matching silver logos) or

-All Black Handle – (black attack rubber, grey handle grip with matching silver logos)

The Tasman speargun range uses top grade 16mm attack’ microbore rubber with a smaller internal diameter, only 1mm. This rubber offers more power to size ratio than other leading brands. For more info go to ‘Attack Rubber’.

The reverse mechanism and the rearward positioning on the shark fins, adds an extra 10cm band stretch. More band stretch means more power. A 100cm HUTMASTER gun has 110cm band stretch.

-Open head muzzle with integrated guide

-Aluminium barrels with high-quality ceramic coated (black barrel with silver logos)

-Attack microbore rubber with a tiny 1mm core

-Revolutionary custom-made speargun handle with full stainless-steel mechanism, GoPro mount, integrated hook and mounting points with a matching grey handle grip

-The integrated hook for the speargun handle means it can be used for roller, pulley or conventional setups. This means no more nasty drilling into your barrels or handles.

-Limited offer!! FREE INTEGRATED GOPRO MOUNT (Valued at $30)