'Tropical' Closed Muzzle Head


Huntmaster ‘Tropical’ Closed Muzzle head is a significant feature to add to your speargun for your next spearfishing trip. It allows for an effortless reloading method, to assist in greater accuracy by keeping your shaft steady when underwater, regardless of the thickness.

The Huntmaster ‘Tropical’ Closed Head incorporates engineering slots to allow for easy speargun rubber replacement and installation, perfect for beginner to intermediate spearos. In particular, where the warmer weather occurs and requires rubbers to be stored in the fridge or freezer for adequate preservation.

The ‘Tropical’ Closed head is made of marine grade heavy duty advanced polymer, with additive fibres. It has an integrated loading hook and D-shackle feature on your speargun, for both your muzzle bungee and reel line. It can be used to feature 1-2 rubbers with a 1.5mm or 3mm internal core.

Tropical Closed muzzle head advantages include:

-Easy to reload your shaft

-Greater accuracy by keeping your shaft steady in the water

-Suitable for multiple shaft thicknesses

-User friendly rubber replacement/installation

Key Product Features:

  • Engineering slots for easy speargun rubber replacement and installation
  • Perfect for spearos of all levels
  • Made of marine grade heavy-duty advanced polymer
  • Integrated loading hook