Tuff Diving Gloves - Anti-Cut Protection

All Black
Black and Red

Tuff Diving Gloves - Anti-Cut Protection (All black and black and red)

HUNTMASTER has shown true innovation with the introduction of the Tuff Diving Gloves, changing the way diving gloves are used.

The Tuff diving gloves are 15 times stronger than steel line per unit of weight, making them one of the strongest gloves in the diving industry.

Anti-Cut Protection:

These characteristics ensure a level 5 cut resistant capacity making it extremely safe for handling crays, abalone and holding pelagic fish with sharp gills and teeth. This glove has proven to be resistant even to filleting knives where experiments have been done showing a knife purposely trying to cut through the glove with no success.

Anti-Slip Palm:

The palm of both models is designed using coated high-tech sandy nitrile giving greater gripping capacity when holding slippery fish.

Extreme Comfort:

The gloves are knitted and cut to ensure optimum comfort and flexibility. The 13 gauge HPPE knitted system adds further safety for the diver, ensuring anti-cut protection. This innovative system allows for maximum freedom of movement while still offering maximum protection.

There are 2 styles of glove available, the Gauntlet with TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) and the Tuff Glove without TPR.

The Tuff Glove without TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), are great for spearfishing. With a reduced profile of the glove, thanks to lack of the impact resistant TPR, you get all the protection of the 5 cut resistant glove in a much lower profile. Perfect for tropical, sub-tropical and even temperate hunters.

Great for filleting fish:

These gloves also make extremely good filleting gloves. The non-slip palm and low profile makes holding onto your fish and making precise cuts a breeze.

Note: Ideal for freediving, scuba diving, pro cray and abalone divers, spearfishing and filleting.

Key Product Features:

  • 15 times stronger than steel line per unit of weight
  • Anti-Cut Protection
  • Anti-Slip Palm
  • Great for filleting fish

Coming Soon: See our video of how the Tuff diving gloves hold up against the sharpest of knives